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When it comes to freight or cargo handling; Craig Raucher stands out as an authority.  That’s because he has years of experience, working in different capacities, in the freight-cum transportation sector. The experienced campaigner has made the best use of the direct sales strategies. He is responsible for pioneering the development and growth of the marketing and sales infrastructure, with a view to supporting the air freight, trucking, and the other transportation-centric sectors.

The latest achievement

Whichever organization he worked for, he made it a point to increase sales and add to the profitability. Consequently, the business ventures prospered and flourished under his able leadership and guidance. Very recently, he is accountable for transforming a brand new start-up venture into a conglomerate that yields near about fifty-one million US Dollars. Whenever a production unit was found struggling, he chipped in to provide the same with a new lease of life and strength.

Follow his example

Since he realizes the odds and issues of the transportation sector, he has successfully managed to apply his knowledge to transform and expand the scope of operations of many a start-up undertaking. For example, he has used and implemented strategies related to direct sales, and made sure that enterprises add to their scope of operation. So, if you look forward to being a Successful Entrepreneur; then, you will have lots to learn from the skill and acumen of this business executive who has headed several small, as well as large-scale enterprises, from the time to time. With his thirty years of knowledge and experience, he has taught the industry how to make a difference.


Most recently the senior vice president of general management at Total Freight Solutions, Craig Raucher has extensive experience in the freight industry, with time at companies like Corporate Express Delivery Systems and Skynet Worldwide Express. Accomplishments at Total Freight Solutions include establishing and uniting a number of operating divisions and increasing revenue to $57 million from the start-up stage. Personally, Craig Raucher made sales in excess of $17 million while also developing a strong sales team.

A good sales department can mean the difference between a relatively stagnant company and a truly successful company. One element is to set the business apart from the first contact. Whether sales are initiated online, over the phone, or face-to-face, the process should be approached with a clear and interesting point of view and context. For example, by setting a frame of reference for the product or service, the salesperson allows the potential customer to immediately grasp what makes the business different from others in the industry.

Additionally, focus on dialogue. While presentations have a time and place in the business world, effective sales thrive on creating a conversation between the salesperson and the potential customer. Showing the customer how the business can respond at a moment’s notice – and addressing any questions immediately – is more likely to stand out than a more static slideshow.