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Brooklyn/Staten Island Basketball League pic

Brooklyn/Staten Island Basketball League

Throughout his professional career, Craig Raucher has focused his work in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, marketing, and finance as an executive with several international shipping companies. Also active in his local community, Craig Raucher leads the Brooklyn/Staten Island Basketball League (SIBL), which practices in the gym of Staten Island’s Public School 8.

Over the last three decades, SIBL has made a home at Public School 8, which hosts a regular student body of nearly 600 spread across grades ranging from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade. Also known as the Shirlee Solomon School, it has been based in Great Kills for more than a century. Throughout its life, the main facility has undergone two renovations in 1937 and 1952 to add extra space.

One of the school’s most unique spaces is its historic gymnasium, which features wooden backboards and basketball court flooring that both date back 60 years. Though smaller than similar courts of its kind, the Public School 8 court still offers the space needed for full games of basketball. Overall, the atmosphere of the gym transports all its visitors to the past with its Hoosiers-style look.