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Mergers and Acquisitions

Craig Raucher possesses more than three decades of experience in the freight shipping sector, having held executive roles with numerous companies. Most recently, Craig Raucher has served as senior vice president and general manager of Total Freight Solutions (TFS) Global, where he played an instrumental role in several mergers and acquisitions.

An often tricky business venture, mergers and acquisitions require a number of elements to come together for success. One of the first things you must do when looking to complete a merger or acquisition is to determine the various benefits of the deal. You should ask yourself several questions: How will it strengthen our company strategy? Will it help us reach new consumer audiences? Assessing the value of the merger or acquisition will better enable you to look at all the potential risks and rewards that will come with the consolidation of multiple firms.

Mergers and acquisitions do not stop once the deal itself is complete and the companies are operating together. Proper leadership even after the fact is crucial to achieving success in the long term. As a key player in the deal itself, you should assess those in leadership positions at the acquired firm and determine where their strengths lie. Depending on their various capabilities, you can choose to move them around within the companies or offer them promotions to higher positions. Similarly, you must take the reigns as a leader and ensure that all employees properly understand their roles in the newly-established entity.