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Rapid transformations in the tech arena have revolutionized the business landscape as well. From consumers and service providers to business leaders and decision makers, every crucial entity in the sales process is knowledgeable and well-informed today.

There’s no denying the fact that every business is different and each of them has their distinctive styles of working. Irrespective of their sizes, businesses are embracing direct sales and marketing for their ventures.

So, what is it that’s driving them towards doing that? Craig Raucher surely has an answer.

Defining direct sales

Before unraveling the direct sales tips and strategies, it will be important to define the concept. Direct marketing and sales refer to the act of selling services and products directly from storefronts. Intermediaries or 3rd party agents aren’t present in the entire process.

Direct sales trends, techniques, and styles have considerably changed over time. Look back into the past, and you will find sales strategies such as door-to-door, brochure distribution, telemarketing, and catalog distribution.

The present trends

If you take a look at the current market scenario, direct marketing and sales are popular even today. Almost every business today has a distinctive online presence which promotes direct connections and access amongst consumers.

Customers can make direct purchases from their favorite stores without paying additional charges. While this particular trend is drawing in more customers, businesses are also getting monetary and non-monetary benefits.

Tips to follow

With years of extensive experience in the sales and marketing arena, Craig Raucher can offer Direct Sales & Marketing Tips to numerous clients in the transportation and freight handling sector.


Craig Raucher is a New York-based business professional with experience in marketing, finance, and management. Previous to his employment with large freight companies like TFS Global, Craig Raucher accepted a position developing marketing and sales campaigns for startup freight company Skynet Worldwide Express. Because startup companies often do not have the budget of large businesses, they must develop creative strategies for promoting themselves. The following tips offer startup companies several ideas for marketing in a business’ early stages.

1. Determine a specific audience: Define the particular demographic that would be interested in your product or service. This will not only narrow a seemingly unlimited pool of marketing options but also decrease the likelihood that you will alienate customers by appealing to too broad of an audience.

2. Use social media to your advantage: Modern startups can benefit from familiarity with popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Maintaining a web presence shows potential clients that you are established and offers them an opportunity to engage with you while learning more about your product.

3. Never miss an opportunity: Take advantage of unexpected chances to market your business. Keep business cards with you at all times and be confident in communicating the value of your product or service, even when caught off-guard.