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An executive professional in the freight and transportation industry, Craig Raucher most recently served as the general manager and senior vice president of Total Freight Solutions Global. With experience at a number of other global companies, Craig Raucher has expertise in organizational leadership, business development, and sales management.

Although being a sales representative is generally measured by an individual’s success or failure, being a sales manager often includes being judged by one’s own performance along with how well one guides a team. The following are important areas for managers to consider in order to be the most effective team leader:

1. Coaching
Achieving benchmarks and goals is an important aspect of sales, but a successful sales manager does not let daily work be consumed by numbers. Instead, the manager should focus on habit and attitude improvements, along with tangible goals that will help representatives reach their own targets. Understanding each person’s skill set and where he or she needs improvement will help to ensure no effort is wasted or overwhelming.

2. Team Building
Managers should understand that the best way to lead their teams is not necessarily the way they would like to be led. Instead, learning each team member’s personal preference and adjusting management style accordingly can help the individual and, consequently, the team as a whole.

3. Proactive Leadership
Few things deteriorate morale quite as quickly as the poor habits of one member of the team. Not only do poor habits distract others from their goals, they could mean that the team member will create issues with everyone in the long-term. Instead of waiting for group members to complain, an effective sales manager addresses the issues immediately to create teachable moments whenever possible.