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Are you having a tough time in managing the sales team of your company? Then appoint an expert who has several years of professional experience in this field. Your company will fail to produce positive results if your sales team does not perform efficiently. A bunch of motivated employees is required for successful business operations. Hire the services of Craig Raucher and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Utilization of sales techniques

It is a well-known fact that business organizations will grow by leaps and bounds only when the right sales techniques are applied. You should take the assistance of Craig Raucher to manage your sales team better with clear goals. Mr. Raucher worked as a sales manager at DHL Worldwide Express and helped it to become a successful enterprise. He is of the opinion that the sales department alone will not be able to attain the desired objectives. It is, in fact, the combined operations of all the units which will help you to arrive at a successful outcome. He has learned the ropes of the trade during his stint as a business developer and sales manager. Under his guidance, you will be able to explore various possibilities which will ultimately pave the way for financial success.

Gain an understanding of the hurdles

The modern business world is highly competitive. You can combat the different challenging situations with the help of Mr. Raucher’s robust strategies. Rely on his expertise and start exploring the various aspects of business with the ultimate aim of realizing your goals.


Do you have a passion for the game of basketball? If you are fanatical about this game, then your knowledge should extend beyond bouncing and dunking the ball into a net. The game involves utilization of strategies, techniques, agile moves and efficient teamwork. Learn motivational skills from Craig Raucher and dedicate adequate time to improve yourself. You should take a look at his website to gather more information about his contribution to this game.

Tackle the challenges in life

Special mentioning is required of the way he created his team. Even though he had a flourishing sales career, he continued with his passion with a great deal of enthusiasm. Not only was he successful in nurturing the team members but he incorporated positive energy into the team. Players from all walks of life are members of his team. You cannot place Mr. Raucher in a specific category. He is a man of multi-talents. He is a sportsperson who loved the game to the hilt. However, the primary objective of building this team was to make people feel better. You will need to cope well mentally as well as physically so as to tackle the rhythms of life on a daily basis.

Thinking differently

The basketball concept of Craig Raucher revolves around the fact that the challenging circumstances need to be dealt with in a relaxed manner. The out of the box approach involves imparting training to the players so that they can work in a coordinated manner and in the process encounter harsh lessons in life in a calm way.

In the business of any kind and form, sales need to take place properly for earning a profit. If there is no profit resulting from sales, a business cannot be run and it will get shut down soon. Profit from sales can be expected if customers or clients buy your products or opt for your services. For this purpose, client building is necessary for every business person. Craig Raucher who has huge experience in his specialized line of business like in international freight and cargo handling can help aspiring business persons by sharpening their client building skills.

A steady clientèle is crucial for business growth and expansion but takes time to build. The management of good client relationship is really very important because of the positive impact it will have on the realization of business goals. It takes a strong desire to succeed in client building, accompanied by best practices to build and maintain the customer base upon which your company thrives.

Existing customers/clients can be your best source for attracting new clients, so take care of them and Give them referral gifts or acknowledgment. Try developing relationships with clients and know them to gain their trust. Craig Rucher suggests contact with your media friends and does so even when you do not have any immediate self-interest or gain.

Keep a file of your best customers and make notes when you learn something new about them and this will help. They will provide more business and better referrals if you give your 100%.

Throughout his career in international freight and cargo handling, Craig Raucher has formed strong direct sales tactics. Freight handling and transportation are what Craig Raucher possesses impressive experience in.

He has to his credit a seventeen-year successful career with TFS Global. Before joining this company Craig Raucher worked as the Northern Region Vice President for Corporate Express Delivery Systems from the year 1996 to 1999. In this role, he successfully earned several designations and served the company properly and also oversaw much of the company’s operation. He is also the founder and Commissioner of the Staten Island Basketball League and has played organized and college basketball for 52 years.

His professional background not just stays limited to this but extends further ahead. Craig Raucher was recruited by the CEO of Corporate Express Delivery Systems in order to manage this division from his position as the Vice President and General Manager of Skynet Worldwide Express.

His expertise in sales and marketing was remarkable. He helped to witness positive growth in sales and business in every aspect of his freight sales, marketing, and management positions. During his four-year period with Corporate Express Delivery Systems, he was able to trigger up the gross revenues of the region to a 19% profit margin, a sales increase of over $180 million dollars.

He has a profound understanding of the different freight option being a professional freight manager. This makes him well versed in the several different styles and methods of freight handling. He thus can offer clients the best fast, safe, and affordable shipping option.

Are you looking for tips to become an efficient offensive player in basketball? Irrespective of how big or fast you are you need to keep some fundamentals in mind for becoming a competent offensive player. You will fail to dribble or outrun your opponents if you do not pay attention to these details. Take a look at the website of Craig Raucher for some tips, and you will see an improvement in your game soon.

Practice is the keyword

Known for his passion for basketball, Craig Raucher had to give up the game for acute monetary problems. However, he did not let his passion fade away. Over time, he successfully built a vast business empire, and he also created a sports team. Practice is the key to getting better at this game. You must work on the shooting technique. Initially, you should begin practicing the shots close to the basket. Then you should start increasing your distance gradually. You must practice lay-ups and free throws from both sides. You should improve the handling skills and dribbling abilities through regular practice.

Triple threat position

You have to gain expertise in the triple threat position. This should pave the way for unlimited moves. Once you are in this position, you must be able to utilize the footwork efficiently and score the ball easily. You will have three options at your disposal, and you will also be able to decipher the moves of the defensive players. Get ready to take your game to the next level by embracing these tips.


Craig Raucher and his work in logistic management bear testimony to the fact that they have a wide range of experiences in the sales department. With unbelievable expertise on this post, they have been of real help to many. This is the prime reason they are considered to be a significant part of the routine of supply management. In fact, they are very modest about their accomplishments and have been declaring that it is the sheer hard work that has given them the position they are in. Craig Raucher and his team have been assisting with many activities which are discussed in great details below.

The works

Craig Raucher and his work in logistics management have led the team under him for controlling, implementing, planning and carry out movements forward in an efficient manner. The work of theirs has also directed to storing and reverse flow of information related to information along with goods. In fact, all the tasks depend on matching the requirement of the customer between the point of consumption and origin.

It is due to this task of theirs that logistics companies have the chain management handled well. This, in turn, makes the entire work related to chain of supply a very smooth one. The group linked to senior management have new ideas infused now and then. However, the primary and majority of the hard work is manual labor instead.

Exceptional Strategies

It is the prior experience of him and the team in the team of sales management that has led them to develop sustainable strategies. These strategies have resulted establishing the reputation of the business and increased revenues.

The present times often call for good aid from enterprises that have to deal with shipping. With fierce competition everywhere it becomes a tad bit challenging to associate with teams that offer help and are best at doing so. For a great assistance in the transportation requirements, Craig Raucher and Shipping Industry have struck back with some very innovative and ingenious ideas. The respected personality that he is has massive associations with the department of logistics since a long time. His team has been presenting all the quality services. Here are things that are bound to be of great help to you.

Attractive packages

If there are items that need to be transported from one place to another, then it is a given that one must get hold of the current transformational needs. One must have the general awareness with stuff that is related to traveling and that often includes stressing up. However, packages will keep changing with distances. There are many reasons one must refer to the experts. Another crucial thing is to keep in mind that a high association with experts.

Some of the very reputed teams like the Craig Raucher and Shipping Industry groups have price packages that are very attractive. For every service provided their dazzling discounts and when you are in a hurry to get it delivered bang on time, then these experts are where you need to run to.

As convenient as possible

Having served in different positions, he has been the most significant asset for performing many operations in the company. There has been a gross increase in the revenues because of spectacular ideas. They provide multiple services associated with transportation and shipping that are more than convenient for customers.