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Craig Raucher began his transportation career working for DHL Airways, a premier logistics company. Now referred to as DHL Worldwide Express, the company’s earnings increased dramatically when Craig Raucher came on board as the director of development. The transportation executive not only opened offices in 14 countries throughout the world, but also built the revenue of the transportation giant from a quarter of a million dollars to approximately $60 million in only seven years.

Logistics services may span several areas, including air freight, road and rail shipments, ocean freight, and supply chain management. These logistics services relate to the movement of goods and services for warehousing and distribution. Many functions go into logistics planning, all which may involve the transport, inventory, and storage of products and raw materials.

In the simplest terms, logistics pertains to managing a stream of resources from one point to the next. Resources can be defined as foods, liquids, machines, information, or materials. Because logistics companies typically have clients all over the world, the firms usually facilitate the importing and exporting of goods.