Are you involved in the exportation of goods? If your answer is yes, then you need to have a solid understanding of the different freight options. Since you are conducting business with other companies which are situated outside your country, then you need to transport goods. There are different methods by which goods can be transferred from one place to another. You can learn about the various freight options from Craig Raucher who is a freight manager in his professional capacity.

Air cargo

When goods have to be delivered on time, then people consider the air cargo option. Even if you, unfortunately, miss the flight then also you do not have to be stressed out unnecessarily. The flights usually depart at regular intervals so delays can be easily avoided. Since almost all the major parts of the world are well connected by airlines so sending the shipment at various destinations is not a significant issue. You will not have to worry about theft issues since the security at the airports is quite stringent. Most of the service providers use the latest technology, and so you can easily keep track of the status of your cargo.

Sea cargo

This system of transportation of items is nothing new. This method has been in existence for centuries. From the financial perspective, this mode is effective because you can transport items in bulk quantities because of the low costs. Many service providers offer their specialized services in moving the goods of hazardous nature.

Get guidance from a professional

Craig Raucher has a vast knowledge and several years of experience regarding the freight transport. You can rely on his expertise for finding out the most effective shipping option for your business organization.


Are you looking for some powerful tips as a sales manager? Being employed in this capacity, you should be able to inspire your team so that they can perform at their very best. You should be able to motivate them so that they can achieve their professional goals effectively. A vast majority of the business organizations spend a considerable amount of resources in hiring the best professionals. These organizations also make sure that these managers have access to the essential tools so that they can carry their functions efficiently.

Team involvement

As a successful sales manager, Craig Raucher has been able to generate substantial revenue throughout his career. His dedication to his duties has been instrumental in shaping his successful career. Though sales management can be an extremely complicated area, however, if you have an adventurous streak and the necessary drive, then you can attain success in this field. One effective tactic is getting the members of the team involved among them. As a manager, it is crucial for you to dabble with the figures. Direct motivational techniques are found to produce more fruitful results. Socialization of goals will help in the promotion of healthy competition and will bring a lot of energy to the workplace.

Keep them motivated

Salespeople are motivated by competition. If you provide them with a challenging environment and at the same time support them with your strong leadership and establish clear goals, then they should remain motivated and happy. The techniques suggested by Craig Raucher will make the employees comfortable and should lead to an improvement in productivity. These steps may ultimately help in increasing the revenues of the company.

Sports and Craig Raucher are completely inseparable because it is his fetish in this field that has led him to support retired players. He is into multiple sports and not one is his favorite but all. Thus, he and his team have come up with quality packages that can be presented to old players that no more play. It is due to his ideas that old players have been able to rekindle their passion once again. Younger players always dominated the scene in the field of basketball but with new players, old players never got a chance to try their hands. Hence, he and his team have worked really hard so that old players get an opportunity to work on their skills besides also reviving lost days of sports. Here is a look at the league he has been able to make.

Different backgrounds

The sports league and Craig Raucher comprise of teams from multiple backgrounds. You can find lots of retired teachers as well as detectives. There are many businessmen as well students pursuing graduation. They gather together for reviving glorious times besides also reliving their sports dreams. Incredible talents have come together and everyone gets chances of displaying as well as showcasing the prowess. It has been their brainchild to bring together talented players and make them popular amidst people so that popularity lives on. Players are accepted from different walks of life besides backgrounds and the only thing that is common is the passion for sports.

New games old players

Players have found a second life with sports and it is delightful watching them play, incorporating old tricks in live matches.

Companies and Business running and administration involve harvesting knowledge in several aspects and functions. Distribution and logistics management is a critical company function. Professionals in this field are expected to play a key role in fulfilling customer demands, ordering and managing inventory, controlling inbound and outbound shipments, reducing costs, saving time, and meeting company objectives. Craig Raucher being an international freight superstar who played a vital role in the creation of a worldwide freight company has remarkable knowledge about distribution logistics surely.

Craig Raucher is a professional businessman that has been helping many companies (especially in cargo handling and international freight sectors) to grow and generate profits over the years. His quality business strategy methods have facilitated corporations grow at steady rates for long periods of time. He is a credible s a sales manager who has helped many sales teams grow and prosper.

Distribution logistics thrives at achieving efficient distribution and movement of finished products in any sector or field. Two crucial aspects of this include order fulfillment and transportation management. In 1980, Craig Raucher was recruited and hired by one of the three founding leaders of DHL Airways to head the sales department and publicize the business’s services globally.

During his tenure, Craig maintained a strong relationship with 34 different foreign countries, which served to increase DHL Airways’ overall sales and revenue. His knowledge, thus, about distribution logistics can be guessed from such facts only. His knowledge and experience make him a valuable asset to each of the Fortune 1000 freight and cargo companies that he has worked with.

In the business of any kind and form, sales need to take place properly for earning a profit. If there is no profit resulting from sales, a business cannot be run and it will get shut down soon. Profit from sales can be expected if customers or clients buy your products or opt for your services. For this purpose, client building is necessary for every business person. Craig Raucher who has huge experience in his specialized line of business like in international freight and cargo handling can help aspiring business persons by sharpening their client building skills.

A steady clientèle is crucial for business growth and expansion but takes time to build. The management of good client relationship is really very important because of the positive impact it will have on the realization of business goals. It takes a strong desire to succeed in client building, accompanied by best practices to build and maintain the customer base upon which your company thrives.

Existing customers/clients can be your best source for attracting new clients, so take care of them and Give them referral gifts or acknowledgment. Try developing relationships with clients and know them to gain their trust. Craig Rucher suggests contact with your media friends and does so even when you do not have any immediate self-interest or gain.

Keep a file of your best customers and make notes when you learn something new about them and this will help. They will provide more business and better referrals if you give your 100%.

Throughout his career in international freight and cargo handling, Craig Raucher has formed strong direct sales tactics. Freight handling and transportation are what Craig Raucher possesses impressive experience in.

He has to his credit a seventeen-year successful career with TFS Global. Before joining this company Craig Raucher worked as the Northern Region Vice President for Corporate Express Delivery Systems from the year 1996 to 1999. In this role, he successfully earned several designations and served the company properly and also oversaw much of the company’s operation. He is also the founder and Commissioner of the Staten Island Basketball League and has played organized and college basketball for 52 years.

His professional background not just stays limited to this but extends further ahead. Craig Raucher was recruited by the CEO of Corporate Express Delivery Systems in order to manage this division from his position as the Vice President and General Manager of Skynet Worldwide Express.

His expertise in sales and marketing was remarkable. He helped to witness positive growth in sales and business in every aspect of his freight sales, marketing, and management positions. During his four-year period with Corporate Express Delivery Systems, he was able to trigger up the gross revenues of the region to a 19% profit margin, a sales increase of over $180 million dollars.

He has a profound understanding of the different freight option being a professional freight manager. This makes him well versed in the several different styles and methods of freight handling. He thus can offer clients the best fast, safe, and affordable shipping option.

Are you aware of the benefits of distribution logistics? If used optimally then distribution logistics will work to the benefit of your business organization. You can explore the website of Craig Raucher for some remarkable suggestions because he is the guy who has numerous years of experience in this field. He started his career with a logistics company, and under his professional guidance, this company reached to unparalleled heights within a short span of time.

Improvement of speed

In today’s highly competitive world you cannot ignore the influence of technology on any aspect of the business. Logistics management is that part of supply chain management which deals with the controlling and storage of goods and services. Customers are always expecting faster delivery of products without any compromise on quality. Craig Raucher has helped several companies regarding the planning and implementation aspects of the smooth movement. Origin and consumption points are given importance.

Mitigate bad decisions

The main objective is to ensure the smooth functioning of supply chain management so that there is no unnecessary delay in the transportation of goods. Several tips provided by Mr. Raucher in his website have helped hundreds of owners to take adequate steps so that the supply chain remains uninterrupted. This tactic has increased their reputation and gained them respect in the market. Several pricing packages are available, and you can choose one as per your budget. Sometimes they offer special discounts too. Get the help of such an expert and be ready to get incredible results in the long run.