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The ability to explore growth opportunities and selling trends way ahead of competitors gives a competitive edge to the business. The selling and merchandising world is going through a lot of changes, and this is going to affect your business. Let us discuss Craig Raucher – Sales and Marketing to know the latest trends.

Social selling

Every interaction with customers paves the way for a sales opportunity. Always keep up to date with the latest technology to exceed your targets. Persons involved in selling are increasingly using the social media sites to listen to conversations of virtual world. They are trying to establish connections with potential leads and managing relationships with loyal customers.

Analytics tools

One of the major trends in this industry is sales analytics. A scientific approach to taking unbiased decisions by sales personnel has grown in popularity. Organizations in modern days are relying on analytics to help them in the decision-making process regarding which of those opportunities should be totally ignored and which ones should be considered.

Merchandising in recent times

It is becoming more detail-oriented and high tech. Influencer merchandising is gaining prominence. More and more brands are turning to digital elements to create awareness of their products among the young customers. Live video will become popular in different platforms. Content merchandising is used to engage the audience.

Have a talk with experts

Without wasting any more time, you should sit down with business expert Craig Raucher. Catch up with them and explore the different opportunities and ways to tap them for the smooth functioning of your business.


Rapid transformations in the tech arena have revolutionized the business landscape as well. From consumers and service providers to business leaders and decision makers, every crucial entity in the sales process is knowledgeable and well-informed today.

There’s no denying the fact that every business is different and each of them has their distinctive styles of working. Irrespective of their sizes, businesses are embracing direct sales and marketing for their ventures.

So, what is it that’s driving them towards doing that? Craig Raucher surely has an answer.

Defining direct sales

Before unraveling the direct sales tips and strategies, it will be important to define the concept. Direct marketing and sales refer to the act of selling services and products directly from storefronts. Intermediaries or 3rd party agents aren’t present in the entire process.

Direct sales trends, techniques, and styles have considerably changed over time. Look back into the past, and you will find sales strategies such as door-to-door, brochure distribution, telemarketing, and catalog distribution.

The present trends

If you take a look at the current market scenario, direct marketing and sales are popular even today. Almost every business today has a distinctive online presence which promotes direct connections and access amongst consumers.

Customers can make direct purchases from their favorite stores without paying additional charges. While this particular trend is drawing in more customers, businesses are also getting monetary and non-monetary benefits.

Tips to follow

With years of extensive experience in the sales and marketing arena, Craig Raucher can offer Direct Sales & Marketing Tips to numerous clients in the transportation and freight handling sector.

craig-raucher-business-strategy-for-startups-presents-a-useful-modelThe prominent players in the sector of shipping and transportation employed Craig Raucher, in several capacities. In the spheres of operational and marketing management, the New York-based executive had stellar roles to play. In this context, it is worth noting that the veteran not only made his presence felt amongst the established companies but also helped many a startup venture develop their objectives. Craig Raucher– Business Strategy for Startups has an inspirational model to present.

The contribution of Raucher

With this model, he was responsible for giving a new lease of life to the Skynet Worldwide Express. During the initial years of its existence, the company had lots to learn from Raucher’s business model. Getting off to a start requires the right mindset and courage. But if you have these qualities, you can pull things off successfully. Planning is an important part of the process. After you have lined up a plan, you should see to its execution. For that, it is necessary to line up another action plan that helps in the process of execution.

Points to remember

You are setting up a venture. For that, you have to be well aware of the riskiness of the operation. Just as you focus on your gain, similarly, it is important to know the hazards associated with your work operation. Then, you should figure out the exact needs of the market. The product or the service that you are offering should be in a position to solve the problems of the customers. Setting objectives regarding sales and adopting an approach that is customer-friendly and flexible will lead you to the doors of success.

When it comes to freight or cargo handling; Craig Raucher stands out as an authority.  That’s because he has years of experience, working in different capacities, in the freight-cum transportation sector. The experienced campaigner has made the best use of the direct sales strategies. He is responsible for pioneering the development and growth of the marketing and sales infrastructure, with a view to supporting the air freight, trucking, and the other transportation-centric sectors.

The latest achievement

Whichever organization he worked for, he made it a point to increase sales and add to the profitability. Consequently, the business ventures prospered and flourished under his able leadership and guidance. Very recently, he is accountable for transforming a brand new start-up venture into a conglomerate that yields near about fifty-one million US Dollars. Whenever a production unit was found struggling, he chipped in to provide the same with a new lease of life and strength.

Follow his example

Since he realizes the odds and issues of the transportation sector, he has successfully managed to apply his knowledge to transform and expand the scope of operations of many a start-up undertaking. For example, he has used and implemented strategies related to direct sales, and made sure that enterprises add to their scope of operation. So, if you look forward to being a Successful Entrepreneur; then, you will have lots to learn from the skill and acumen of this business executive who has headed several small, as well as large-scale enterprises, from the time to time. With his thirty years of knowledge and experience, he has taught the industry how to make a difference.

Craig Raucher has been a sales management professional for more than 30 years. Over the course of his career, he has had experience as a director of sales, general manager, and vice president, accumulating knowledge of sales as well as team development. Sales management professionals like Craig Raucher can improve the productivity of their teams with the following leadership practices.

1. Leaders hire talented teams: Many prosperous sales professionals seek to hire excellent talent from the beginning, even if it means the initial cost will be higher than desired. Team leaders who hire highly qualified candidates spend less time and resources on training, and have more reliable options when it comes to delegating team responsibility.

2. Leaders motivate creatively: Sales managers who rely solely on work deadlines and performance metrics in order to keep a sales team motivated are missing an opportunity. To drive motivation, managers can try strategies such as celebrating small victories and encouraging creativity when developing sales tactics.

3. Leaders communicate consistently: An excellent sales manager understands the best way to communicate with team members. Showing consistency with your management style and having a predictable review process will help make team members feel more secure, making them more productive.

An executive professional in the freight and transportation industry, Craig Raucher most recently served as the general manager and senior vice president of Total Freight Solutions Global. With experience at a number of other global companies, Craig Raucher has expertise in organizational leadership, business development, and sales management.

Although being a sales representative is generally measured by an individual’s success or failure, being a sales manager often includes being judged by one’s own performance along with how well one guides a team. The following are important areas for managers to consider in order to be the most effective team leader:

1. Coaching
Achieving benchmarks and goals is an important aspect of sales, but a successful sales manager does not let daily work be consumed by numbers. Instead, the manager should focus on habit and attitude improvements, along with tangible goals that will help representatives reach their own targets. Understanding each person’s skill set and where he or she needs improvement will help to ensure no effort is wasted or overwhelming.

2. Team Building
Managers should understand that the best way to lead their teams is not necessarily the way they would like to be led. Instead, learning each team member’s personal preference and adjusting management style accordingly can help the individual and, consequently, the team as a whole.

3. Proactive Leadership
Few things deteriorate morale quite as quickly as the poor habits of one member of the team. Not only do poor habits distract others from their goals, they could mean that the team member will create issues with everyone in the long-term. Instead of waiting for group members to complain, an effective sales manager addresses the issues immediately to create teachable moments whenever possible.