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Mr. Craig Raucher was appointed as the Vice President of Corporate Express Delivery Systems from 1996-1999. In this span of three years, he monitored the majority of the operations. He is well informed about every aspect of freight and cargo operations due to his experience and expertise. Mr. Raucher has acquired extensive experience in different techniques or styles of handling the freight. Alongside the Corporate Express Delivery Systems, Mr. Raucher has worked with several other companies associated with freight transportation methods. With this extensive level of practical experience, Mr. Raucher is able to determine which method/technique of freight handling effectively serves clients’ interests. Mr. Raucher’s judicious advice on this subject helped many companies expand their businesses.

Craig Raucher was honored the position of Vice President and General Manager in Skynet Worldwide Express. In this position, he was able to achieve 19% profit margin with the continuous growth in the total revenue of the region he handled. He honored these designations in Skynet for four years’ time and he devised a unique strategy to achieve this growth. He built an efficient sales team with 75 representatives and six directors who worked under his guidance. With his astute guidance, these professionals accrued 19% profit.

Craig Raucher has in-depth knowledge in global marketing techniques and subjects related to sales. With this knowledge, Mr. Raucher reached the desired level success for the companies he worked with. His assistance brought life into DHL Airways. It noticed a boost of over 60-million dollars in sales revenue after Mr. Raucher joined this company. His outstanding achievements set benchmarks for all professionals who are associated with direct sales or freight handling.


In the business of any kind and form, sales need to take place properly for earning a profit. If there is no profit resulting from sales, a business cannot be run and it will get shut down soon. Profit from sales can be expected if customers or clients buy your products or opt for your services. For this purpose, client building is necessary for every business person. Craig Raucher who has huge experience in his specialized line of business like in international freight and cargo handling can help aspiring business persons by sharpening their client building skills.

A steady clientèle is crucial for business growth and expansion but takes time to build. The management of good client relationship is really very important because of the positive impact it will have on the realization of business goals. It takes a strong desire to succeed in client building, accompanied by best practices to build and maintain the customer base upon which your company thrives.

Existing customers/clients can be your best source for attracting new clients, so take care of them and Give them referral gifts or acknowledgment. Try developing relationships with clients and know them to gain their trust. Craig Rucher suggests contact with your media friends and does so even when you do not have any immediate self-interest or gain.

Keep a file of your best customers and make notes when you learn something new about them and this will help. They will provide more business and better referrals if you give your 100%.

Do sales and marketing strategies hold the same importance even today? Yes, they still play crucial roles in the current business scenario. Craig Raucher has plenty of helpful tips and his expertise developed through his real experiences. You can get an idea of his achievement in this field by logging on to his website. His high spirited skills have played a pivotal role in obtaining profits from areas which were unthinkable before that. He has been instrumental in the growth of some of the logistics companies which are now doing brisk business all across the globe.

Strengthen the pillars

The strategies applied by Craig Raucher are a bit different from others, and he has managed to carve his own identity with his energetic sales flair. The numerous organizations with which he had been associated has benefitted by adopting these incredible techniques. He has managed to solidify the marketing foundation in many commercial concerns. He established himself as a leader in the world of cargo and international freight.

Various techniques

He incorporated direct sales tactics which helped him in generating more revenues for the firm. His exposure on an international level in his working life helped him immensely. These experiences made him realize that conferencing and video chats using the online medium will help them in establishing proactive interaction with the customers located even at the remote corners of the world. He has emphasized that direct marketing are essential for any style of business. Through these techniques, he was able to help the organization earn more revenue and a good reputation in the business community.

Craig Raucher and sports are inseparable and due to his efforts, the game of basketball has made a comeback for many who had a hiatus. There are many who still think that basketball is one such game whose skills cannot be perfected over a period of few weeks. However, this man and his team have been arranging tonnes of events for this game and no matter what level you are in the game levels are going to get refined significantly due to the proper guidance. It is this idea of him that has led to many playing the game and has been provided positions depending on a broad analysis of weakness as well as strength. Here are a few tips that his team has exercised.

Improving constitutional structure and selecting shoes

As per Craig Raucher and sports experiences he has primary things for sportspersons to remember that includes revamping the game. This is only possible when a good body is maintained through weight training and body conditioning. Thus, checking up with the doctor is essential before any training starts up. Another very important thing that is a must before anyone undergoes training is to make sure they have the right shoes. This is because a lot of pivoting, dribbling, catching, jumping and running is done as this is a sport that is fast-paced.

Keeping hydrated and taking injury time

While on the court it is essential that body remains hydrated and sportspersons should drink fluids loaded with electrolytes. Also, if someone suffers an injury they should take time to recover which shall help in getting back at the game stronger.

Transportation has many aspects and it is mandatory that one has awareness regarding all its avenues. Therefore, if there is a recent relocation of your mind then companies must get hold efficient firms that shall help in explaining things to you. Craig Raucher and his experience in transportation can help support you. He and his team not only have the expertise but also the experience that has provided people with great ideas to get ahead in the domain of transportation industry. Quality services have been delivered to date and here are a few things that you must know about his wonderful team and him.

Timely services

Reputed Craig Raucher and his experience in transportation have laid emphasis on delivering services and goods as per deadlines. When items are delivered at the right time clients shall have a good impression on such companies. In fact, you must be hurrying to get things from one point to another within a given time or much before it. Thus, on such occasions companies provide good quality help so that stress is lessened. Since he and his team are brilliant you will never have to worry about getting your personal items mishandled or lost.

There are many firms that may be offering similar services but getting the solutions from experts, works a great deal. Hence associating with the leaders in the game shall make the process of transportation convenient.

Massive contribution

Professional and experienced teams have made remarkable contributions in the field of transportation. It is this reason that has made the process of relocation a cakewalk.

In the present times, it has become overly complicated to get good and lucrative ideas on shipping from companies having sound knowledge of it. Some even deal with it but do not possess the expertise or brilliance. Since competition exists in the market and everyone wants to get ahead leaving others behind thus Craig Raucher and Shipping Industry ideas have helped a great deal. They have the right infrastructure in helping people. If one is seeking the assistance of a brilliant kind then there is absolutely no one better than his team. This reported personality has had numerous associations with many logistics departments for a long time. Thus, this has made him and his team an expert in delivering quality services. These are the things they do.

Some crucial points

If one has plans in transporting goods from one region to the other then it becomes compulsory that one associates with various transformational needs existing in the current phase. One needs to possess the required awareness regarding stuff related to traveling because often this causes major stress at times. Perhaps, this is also because often with distance price charged for the packages moved change. Hence, referring to the experts becomes mandatory. You should also keep in mind that the experts you refer to must have high associations with you.

Some of the reputed and expert teams like that of Craig Raucher and Shipping Industry offer packages which are fetching. People also get great discounts on the services.

A bright future

With such experts in the field best things are bound to happen. Thus, it can be concluded that the future of the shipping industry looks bright.

Having engaged in shipping and freight companies Craig Raucher as an entrepreneur has been successful. He has had a career spanning for over thirty years. It is a fact that he is thoroughly conversant with the qualities that are very intrinsic to that of an entrepreneur. His work has been quite exemplary regarding maneuvering financial investments, managing, and organizing. He has in-depth knowledge of the procedures and procedures related to business while being thoroughly abreast. Whenever he has got ahead with any planning from his end, he has always made sure that the focus must still be on the current situation of the business. Here are a few of his works.

Many aspects

Craig Raucher as an entrepreneur is very well aware that fixing up business objectives are vital constituents of being successful. Whenever one has to derive ideas out of these aspects, you must look up to the role model that he is. He indicates that growth and strategic planning are interconnected. It is this reason due to which a business can have the desired increase and be successful. Thus being an entrepreneur, you must be able to do useful planning.

While all the planning is done current situation of the business must be analyzed well. Secondly, a strategy has to be formulated for the improvement of the existing structure of the company.

Winning combinations

After formulation of strategies, they must be successfully implemented. For this one needs to have a deep understanding of the procedures and processes of conducting business. Furthermore, work person that are well qualified must be appointed because it all depends on a team that is competent.