About Craig Raucher

A successful professional in the highly competitive field of transportation, Craig Raucher distinguishes himself with lengthy tenures, during which he raised revenues. Hired by company co-founder Larry Hillblom, he served international shipping and transportation company DHL for 15 years, starting in its infancy. By the end of his time there, Craig Raucher had increased company revenues to $1.5 billion, establishing DHL as the top international courier of the day. He also secured the organization a number of high profile clients, including Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Taking note of Craig Raucher’s success at DHL, SkyNet Worldwide Express recruited him for its Vice President and General Manager spot. Over the course of a five-year period, he led the company to recognition by Inc. magazine as one of the country’s fastest growing privately held companies and developed a sales infrastructure that increased company revenues to $45 million after its first five years. While fulfilling his duties as SkyNet Worldwide Express’ Vice President and General Manager, Craig Raucher was recruited to serve as the Vice President of the Northern Region for Corporate Express Delivery Systems. In this role, he rejuvenated the under-performing region, increasing bottom-line profits while lowering the top-line revenue. Three years later, Mr. Raucher received his third recruitment, this time by Total Freight Solutions Global. As the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the full-service transportation and shipping company, Craig Raucher has united a full complement of shipping functions into a multi-division provider. His sales skills and experience has led to a dramatic increase in revenue, reaching $57 million in the first eleven years. In addition to his considerable professional success, Craig Raucher has also served as the Director of the Brooklyn/Staten Island Athletic League, a group of adult basketball players that meets twice weekly at a public school in Staten Island. He has successfully maintained the numbers in the group as players have come and gone, ensuring the continuation of the 30-year organization.

Over the course of a successful career, Craig Raucher has proven time and again that he is able to help companies increase the amount of revenue that they generate through the implementation of sound sales strategies. He has helped four organizations generate a total of $600 million during the course of his career, which are respectable figures in anyone’s books. He aims to continue using his expertise to help other companies improve their fortunes through the implementation of sound strategies.