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craig-raucher-business-strategy-for-startups-presents-a-useful-modelThe prominent players in the sector of shipping and transportation employed Craig Raucher, in several capacities. In the spheres of operational and marketing management, the New York-based executive had stellar roles to play. In this context, it is worth noting that the veteran not only made his presence felt amongst the established companies but also helped many a startup venture develop their objectives. Craig Raucher– Business Strategy for Startups has an inspirational model to present.

The contribution of Raucher

With this model, he was responsible for giving a new lease of life to the Skynet Worldwide Express. During the initial years of its existence, the company had lots to learn from Raucher’s business model. Getting off to a start requires the right mindset and courage. But if you have these qualities, you can pull things off successfully. Planning is an important part of the process. After you have lined up a plan, you should see to its execution. For that, it is necessary to line up another action plan that helps in the process of execution.

Points to remember

You are setting up a venture. For that, you have to be well aware of the riskiness of the operation. Just as you focus on your gain, similarly, it is important to know the hazards associated with your work operation. Then, you should figure out the exact needs of the market. The product or the service that you are offering should be in a position to solve the problems of the customers. Setting objectives regarding sales and adopting an approach that is customer-friendly and flexible will lead you to the doors of success.




A manager working in the executive position needs to have in-depth knowledge of the business procedures. Only then, he can guide the undertaking to scale a new level of excellence. In this context, you will be interested to note the approach of Craig Raucher – Leadership Skills for Successful Marketing Professional. Raucher, who happens to be a business strategist harps the importance of leadership. With the right kind of leadership, it is possible to attain significant growth and development. As a matter of fact, Raucher, by his example has shown how to increase the lead by more than one-hundred and eighty million USD.


A major contribution

Raucher was a part of the Corporate Express Delivery System. He played an important part in increasing the total revenue. As a result, the profit count went escalating by a margin of nineteen percent. Here again, the leadership skill of the business strategist made a big difference. The company, under his leadership, saw the creation of a special team that only catered to the sales and marketing needs. The team involved the support of six directors, and there were as many as seventy representatives.


Established the golden standards

Raucher was at the helm of affairs. But it is interesting to observe how he led the entire sales force to victory. He highlighted the need for staying united and connected. He motivated them, by his own example. Most importantly, he realized the need for constant communication. Right from team building to motivating the unit creatively and doing away with blocks that come in the way of successful communication, Raucher has been instrumental in implementing productivity-enhancing leadership practices.