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US House of Representatives

US House of Representatives


Craig Raucher has worked with a number of major transportation companies as an executive with direct sales and operations experience. Over the course of his 35-year career, Craig Raucher has monitored trends and developments in the trucking and rail sectors.

In transportation industry news, the US House of Representatives recently approved a new bill that focuses highway funding on freight corridors and features transportation safety provisions. The House bill outlines a national freight network comprised of certain highways and commits $4.5 billion annually to capacity building for the network.

Due to lobbying by shipping and railroad entities, the bill also gives rail operators more time to integrate mandated positive train control (PTC) technology. If the bill is approved by the Senate, operators would have until at least the end of 2018 to employ the advanced safety technology that experts claim can prevent major accidents. The bill also stipulates that safety ratings for truck and bus companies must be eliminated from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s public website. According to the transportation industry, the methodology for the rating system is unsound.




New York City-based Craig Raucher has leveraged his experience in sales, operational management, and marketing to lead several prominent shipping companies. Before holding executive positions with Total Freight Solutions and Corporate Express Delivery Systems, Craig Raucher played a key role in developing start-up firm Skynet Worldwide Express.

Starting a new business may seem like a daunting task, but with the correct planning and execution, you can cultivate success with your start-up. While weighing both the risks and rewards of opening a business, you should consider the following tips to overcome initial obstacles and build a lucrative start-up.

Create a problem-solving product
You should conduct early research to evaluate your potential customer base and determine which products your customers need most. Create a product to solve existing consumer problems instead of taking a risk with products that have no customer base. With a high need, your success relies solely on inside factors such as the quality of your product and strength of your marketing team.

Create company goals
As part of your business strategy, create two or three main company goals and set deadlines to monitor your overall success. For example, if you wish to reach a $200,000 sales goal within the first 18 months of operation, you should create a plan to reach that amount by the deadline. Keeping track of this goal will help you monitor your start-up’s progress throughout the initial months.

Remain flexible
When starting your business, you may find that certain aspects of your business plan are not as successful as you hoped. Throughout operations, you should consistently evaluate your business to see what needs to be changed and make the necessary alterations. Remaining flexible is a crucial factor in cultivating overall success.